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  • Physicists propose a new theory for faster-than-light travel

    Physicists propose a new theory for how faster-than-light travel could be possible. The plan is to create ‘solitons’, a compact wave that keeps its shape and speed while moving with little loss of energy. It would take 4 years and 3 months to reach Proxima Centauri, the nearest star beyond the solar system.



    Too much caffeine may increase risk of osteoporosis

    Too much caffeine may be linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis. People who consume 800 mg of caffeine in a typical workday will see their urine increase by 77% of calcium, creating a potential deficiency that could impact their bones.



    Fasting may modulate infectious and non-infectious diseases

    Therapeutic fasting or calorie restriction has the potential to beneficially modulate infectious and potentially non-infectious gastrointestinal diseases. Some of the protection is due to fasting’s effect on the microbiome.



    Meditation may lead to faster switching between the brain’s two states of consciousness

    Meditation training for five times a week during eight weeks leads to faster switching between the brain’s two states of consciousness. One is called the default (or ventral) mode network, which is active when the brain is at wakeful rest and not focused on the outside world. The other is the dorsal attention network, which activates for orientation in space and time and for multiple tasks. Tibetans call that mental pliancy.



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