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  • Protein synthesis in cell is modulated by regulatory factors

    The rate of protein synthesis in the cell is modulated by regulatory factors. In their absence, the mechanism accelerates in the wrong places and the result is aggregated proteins, toxic to the cell, leading to many neurodegenerative diseases.



    The first tomato modified by CRISPR approved for sale

    A new tomato, Sicilian Rouge High GABA, has just been approved for sale in Japan. This tomato is the first food modified by CRISPR to be marketed in the world. It contains five times more GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which plays a key role in the brain and nervous system.



    Patients with brain damage could move their fingers

    In patients with brain damage, a very thin electrode registers activity in certain deep folds of the brain. The signals are processed by a computer and sent to other electrodes that stimulate the muscles of the fingers. The position and pressure of the fingers is also returned to the brain. Subjects regain the sense of touch and proprioception of their limbs.



    Evident link between pollution and premature birth

    While several modifiable risk factors such as smoking and nutrition have been identified as risk factors for low birth weight or premature birth, the link between pollution and premature birth is now evident. The burden of air pollution is enormous and could be greatly reduced, especially in low- and middle-income countries.



    The human brain contains more than 160 billion cells

    The human brain contains more than 160 billion cells. Four hundred neuroscientists conducted brain inventory that describes 127 different cell types.



    Highly processed foods’ diet causes severe inflammation & memory loss

    A diet of highly processed foods causes severe inflammation in elderly rats, as well as memory loss. By combining omega-3 fatty acid DHA, found in fish and seafood, memory loss is reduced as well as inflammation.



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