Life Sciences April 2022

stem cells into bone cells

Life Sciences for March & April (76aH*) :
   – Sound waves converts stem cells into bone cells,
   – Effective gene therapy for a severe immune deficiency,
   – Giant bacterium discovered in a Caribbean swamp,
   – Our life may flash before our eyes upon death,
   – Meat consumption correlated with greater life expectancy

Life Sciences February 2022

artificial human genome

Life Sciences for January & February (76aH*) :
   – Create entirely artificial human genome thanks to A.I.,
   – Children with immune disorders lived healthy lives thanks to gene therapy,
   – 9,000 left tree species to discover,
   – Reprogrammed cells into 3D spinal cord tissue are implanted into paralytic model,
   – A microbe can transfer its genes to another,
   – A new single nanoparticle can reach the vascular cells to repair them

New Technologies December 2021


New Technologies for November & December (76aH*) :
   – Xenobots cells can replicate themselves,
   – New software greatly improves the time required to assemble human genomes,
   – A new technique uses compressed light to create detailed images at the nanometer scale,
   – A new elastomer self-repairs in seconds even under harsh conditions

Life Sciences December 2021

plant embryo

Life Sciences for November & December (76aH*) :
   – The role of the tissue surrounding the plant embryo in the seed,
   – Density of neuronal channels for mammals and humans,
   – Only 1.23% difference between chimpanzee’s genome and that of humans,
   – Most of our waking hours are in artificial light conditions,
   – Half of 70 components of human kidney cell line is unknown