Physical Sciences June 2023

    Articles on exoplanets and the illusion of the expansion of the universe





  • An exoplanet has a magnetic field

    A repetitive radio signal from a rocky planet the size of Earth suggests that the latter, orbiting a star just 12 light-years away, has a magnetic field. The search for potentially habitable or life-bearing worlds depends in part on our ability to determine whether rocky, Earth-like exoplanets actually possess magnetic fields.



    Overheated exoplanets

    Two-thirds of the planets around small stars could be overheated by tidal extremes, sterilizing them. But one-third of the planets — hundreds of millions across the galaxy — could be in a goldilocks orbit close enough, and gentle enough, to hold onto liquid water and possibly harbor life.



    The expansion of the universe could be an illusion

    A new research looking at the cosmological constant problem suggests the expansion of the universe could be an illusion. The particles — such as protons and electrons — arise from a field that permeates space-time. These fluctuations could also do away with dark energy.



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