New Technologies June 2023

    Articles on 3d printed fish net, fungi for clothing, AI suggesting treatments





  • The first 3D printed fish net in the world

    An Israeli start-up produced the first 3D printed fish fillet in the world. According to the company, their fish fillets can go from printer to the plate in a few minutes. The real innovation is that these fish fillets are ready to cook immediately after being bio-printed.



    Fungi’s filament used for making clothing

    The mycelium, a thin filament produced by many fungi, could be used as a biodegradable material for making clothing. Mycelial materials can survive in dry, oligotrophic environments, and are self-healing.



    An artificial intelligence providing suggestions for medical treatment

    An artificial intelligence was developed that provides suggestions for the treatment of people who require intensive care due to sepsis. The artificial intelligence may run along as an additional device at the bedside — and the medical staff can consult it and compare their own assessment with the artificial intelligence’s suggestions. Analyses show that artificial intelligence already surpasses the quality of human decisions.



    100 million degrees recorded inside a reactor

    For the first time, a temperature above 100 million degrees has been recorded inside an ultra-compact spherical reactor. Nuclear fusion, a clean and almost inexhaustible source of energy, recreates the processes occurring in the Sun, where enormous gravitational forces combine to produce a plasma in which atomic nuclei collide at high speed to form helium and release large amounts of energy..



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