Life Sciences June 2023

    About cellular secretions, chromosomes, plants & sounds, synthetic embryos





  • Observe real-time production of cellular secretions

    nanoplasmonic method (a 1 cm2 chip made up of millions of tiny holes and hundreds of chambers for individual cells) makes it possible to observe the real-time production of cellular secretions, including proteins and antibodies. This breakthrough could contribute to the development of cancer treatments, vaccines and immunotherapies in general.



    Chromosomal processes are essential

    Chromosomal processes are essential for both normal development and disease prevention. Protein complexes known as SMC (Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes) ensure correct spatial organization of the genome. The Smc5/6 complex inhibits certain viruses, also protects against certain types of cancer and is important for the normal development of the fetus.



    The reference genome for the human species

    The reference genome for the human species was completed last year with environment-specific genes and unique genes characterizing unique strains. This “pangenome” includes the complete genome of 47 different people, mostly European, but it still under-represents Latin Americans and Oceanians.



    Plants emit sounds that can be detected

    Plants emit sounds that can be detected from a distance – sort of very short “clicks” at seemingly random intervals – and these provide information about the physiological state of the plant. The amount of bran increases even before the plant is dehydrated to a maximum after five days without water, before decreasing when it is desiccated.



    Synthetic human embryos

    Synthetic human embryos (developed from stem cells without the need for eggs or sperm) were created for the first time. The embryo does not yet have a beating heart or the beginnings of a brain, but the model showed the presence of primordial cells which are the precursor cells to the egg and sperm.



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