Physical Sciences October 2020

    Article(s) on galaxies’ cluster merging and a new nuclear fusion reactor





  • Two merging clusters of galaxies generate a magnetic field

    Two clusters of galaxies merging generate a magnetic field connecting them by a radio bridge of 6,5 million-light-years. Using a radiotelescope astronomers detected an emission at 144MHz. The origin of this bridge is likely related to the turbulence and shocks generated in the intra-cluster medium during the initial stage of the merger, which boost both the radio and X-ray emission between the giant clusters.



    A new nuclear fusion reactor developed by MIT

    A new nuclear fusion reactor, SPARC, is being developed by MIT. This project could obtain a plasma in which the heat of the fusion reactions would sustain fusion without additional injection of energy. The next step would be a reactor with a power of between 250 and 1000MW. Commissioning is planned for 2025.



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