New Technologies October 2020

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  • Specific data obtained by X-ray or MRI gives an avatar of an individual

    The specific data of an individual obtained by X-ray, CT scan or MRI, gives an avatar of an individual by adding the state of the skeleton and information about his genome. Surgeons can then prepare risky interventions by testing them on the avatar.



    First human heart organoid created

    Researchers have created the first human heart organoid (hHO) from induced pluripotent stem cells. This mini-heart contains all the primary functions of a real heart and will allow the study of congenital malformations.



    Influencing the brain by electrical stimulation of the scalp

    Scientists at the Max Planck Institute have succeeded in influencing a single area of the brain by electrical stimulation of the scalp. For a few minutes they inhibited the sense of touch thanks to the individual cerebral rhythm, determined previously, which occurs during the perception of touch.



    Nursing diabetic mice with electromagnetic fields

    Exposing diabetic mice to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for relatively short periods reduces blood sugar and normalizes the body’s response to insulin. The effects are long-lasting, opening the possibility of an EMF therapy that can be applied during sleep to manage diabetes all day.



    Gene editing enzymes transported to target cells

    Lipid nanoparticles containing gene editing enzymes can transport them to target cells, tissues or organs. Genetic modifications take place within the body itself and no longer in a laboratory. T lymphocytes, for example, fuse with nanoparticles, training the immune system like a vaccine and fighting disease more effectively.



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