Physical Sciences June 2021

Chinese fusion reactor

    Article(s) on Chinese fusion reactor, Quantum entanglement





  • Chinese fusion reactor reached 160 million degrees for 20 seconds

    The Chinese superconducting Tokamak reached 160 million degrees for 20 seconds. This reactor aims to reproduce the nuclear fusion process in the heart of stars. The next step is to keep the reaction stable for at least a week.



    Quantum entanglement observed at macroscopic scale

    Quantum entanglement has been directly observed at the macroscopic scale; a much larger scale than the subatomic particles normally associated with entanglement. The entanglement was generated deterministically and not randomly. It is then possible to measure the position and momentum of two membranes at the same time, which bypasses Heisenberg’s principle of Uncertainty.



    Cosmic filaments rotate at hundreds or millions of light years

    The cosmic filaments that connect galaxy clusters rotate on the scale of hundreds or millions of light years. Galaxies, similar to grains of dust, move in helices or corkscrew-shaped orbits while traveling along these filaments.



    The heart of the Milky Way is not be a supermassive black hole?

    The heart of the Milky Way may not be a supermassive black hole. It could be a ball of dark matter made up of darkinos, a particle of the fermion family, like electrons, protons and quarks. A new model on this basis will have to explain the rotation curve of galaxies.



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