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Wireless recording of brain activity

    Articles on brain activity, holograms, membrane eliminating viruses, bio-ink





  • Wireless recording of brain activity

    Researchers are now able to wirelessly record the directly measured brain activity of patients living with Parkinson’s disease and to then use that information to adjust the stimulation delivered by an implanted device. DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) devices have been improved to adapt to individual patients all the day long.



    Holographic images moving in 3D

    An experimental system makes it possible to reveal holographic images in a precise and targeted manner in a 3D environment, to set them in motion and even to interact with them. This technology creates images floating in space – and they are physical, not mirages.



    A fibrils & nanoparticles membrane eliminates viruses in water

    A membrane made of amyloid fibrils combined with iron nanoparticles eliminates a wide range of viruses transmitted by water. Non-enveloped adenoviruses, retroviruses and enteroviruses are eliminated as are H1N1 influenza viruses and even SARS-CoV-2 from the water. This membrane could be used in air filtration or even in masks.



    A new bio-ink to obtain a living material

    Thanks to a 3D printer, researchers deposited a bio-ink composed of microalgae on bacterial cellulose to obtain a living material. This material mimics plant leaves and could be used in space colonies, for example, to obtain oxygen and energy.



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