Physical Sciences December 2021

solar system

    Articles on our solar system, subatomic particles oscillation





  • Our solar system may be surrounded by a “magnetic tunnel”

    Our solar system may be surrounded by a “magnetic tunnel” visible in radio waves. The “north polar spur” and the “fan region”, located on either side of the Milky Way, could be linked by a vast system of magnetic filaments. These would form a 1000 light-year, tunnel-like structure around the Solar System and many nearby stars.



    Subatomic particles can oscillate between 2 states

    Subatomic particles (in this case charm mesons), can oscillate between their normal state and that of antiparticle, reversibly. Because these two pendants of the same particle have two masses which differ by 10-38g, which can call into question the standard model of particle physics.



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    (76aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
    Thus, since August 6, 2021, we are in 76 aH, (meanning 76 after Hiroshima).
    It is also an “atheist” and universal calendar to replace the existing “monotheist”, religious and non universal calendars.