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  • The role of the tissue surrounding the plant embryo in the seed

    The tissue surrounding the plant embryo in the seed, the endosperm, has a nurturing role until the transition to the young plant. But it also plays a role in the proper development of the plant by releasing hormones.



    Density of neuronal channels for mammals and humans

    The density of neuronal channels is the same in the brains of different mammalian species. But it is exceptionally low in human brains, more energetically efficient, allowing a larger size of cortex.



    Only 1.23% difference between chimpanzee’s genome and that of humans

    The chimpanzee’s genome is only 1.23% different from the human genome. But growing brain cells of both species shows that DNA is used in different ways, essentially ‘junk’ DNA, which makes up 98% of the genome. The development of the human brain is made up of genetic mechanisms that are probably much more complex than previously thought.



    Most of our waking hours are in artificial light conditions

    People now spend most of their waking hours in artificial light conditions. Study shows that more time in outdoor light is associated with better mood outcomes, better sleep, and easier waking up.



    Half of 70 components of human kidney cell line is unknown

    By combining microscopy, biochemistry and artificial intelligence, researchers observed around seventy components contained in a human kidney cell line, half of which were unknown. These are mainly proteins that bind to RNA and are believed to be involved in the splicing that translates genes into proteins and helps determine which genes are turned on when.



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