Physical Sciences February 2020

powerful thorium

    A selection of several articles related to
    Physical Sciences
    published in January & February 2020 (74aH*)





  • Thorium far more plentiful than uranium

    Thorium is about four times more plentiful than uranium. Thorium is less dangerous and more environmentally friendly. Through research made in some countries thorium reactors could become more dominant in the future to meet the world’s energy needs.



    Hydrogen gas transformed into a conductive metallic crystal

    At very low temperature and high pressure an insulating molecular hydrogen gas is transformed into a conductive metallic crystal. This metallic hydrogen would be metastable and could retain its properties at ambient temperature and pressure. We could use it as a superconductor or rocket fuel ten times more efficient than those that currently exist.



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    (74aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
    Thus, since August 6, 2019, we are in 74 aH, (meanning 74 after Hiroshima).
    It is also an “atheist” and universal calendar to replace the existing “monotheist”, religious and non universal calendars.