Life Sciences December 2022

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  • Genetic variants affect height in people

    More than 12,000 genetic variants influence height differences in people of European ancestry. The specific DNA base at a position in the genome varies in a population. However, these genetic variants could only explain about 10% of the height differences between people of East Asian, Hispanic, African and South Asian ancestry.



    Epigenetic effect within homozygous twins

    Epigenetic differences explain the differences that can be noticed in homozygous twins. Physical exercise can reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome by influencing behavior genes. This is not the direct effect of sport, but indirect genetic repercussions induced by sport.



    Neurons stimulation obtained by electrodes

    The stimulation of the neurons necessary for walking can be obtained by electrodes. The rehabilitation process persists even after the absence of stimulation. Our nervous system uses neurons that are usually underused, called Vsx2. Thus nine paralyzed people were able to stand and even walk again.



    Our cells have tentacles

    Our cells have appendages, called filopodia, which allow them to explore their environment, generate mechanical forces, carry out chemical signaling or transmit signals. This could be an avenue to explore in research on diseases such as cancer.



    Dual-functio RNA messenger

    About 70% of the human genome is used to make non-coding RNAs that have other uses. But it has been discovered that a dual function mRNA can be used to produce a protein or to make a non-coding telomerase RNA.
    Telomerase compensates for cellular aging by lengthening telomeres, thus effectively extending cell lifespan.



    Cannabinoids tested on colorectal cancer

    Some cannabinoids can induce cell expression causing immunogenic cell death in tumor masses. For the moment tested on colorectal cancer, this new strategy could be adapted to other forms of cancer.



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