New Technologies December 2022

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  • Photonics chip to get optical components into computer chips

    A photonics chip – a technology that allows optical components to be integrated into computer chips – can split a data stream into thousands of separate channels and transmit them all at once..



    First stretchable high-definition display

    LG Display has unveiled a prototype of the world’s “first stretchable high-definition display”. The manufacturer states that the screen can not only stretch 20%, but can also bend and twist without being damaged..



    Micro-Robots controlled by an operator

    Robots about ten micrometers – about twice the diameter of a red blood cell – remotely controlled by an operator, catch and move biological cells. The system is equipped with a camera that only shows movements and measures the interaction forces between the target and its environment.
    The control achieves a resolution of the order of a piconewton, or one ten-billionth of the weight of a one-gram object..



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