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  • Ultra-processed foods nutritional loss

    Ultra-processed foods lose nutritional benefits. Much of the fibre, vitamins and minerals present in products are destroyed during processing. Studies show increased risks of dying prematurely or from colon cancer. They also contain emulsifiers, a component that triggers inflammation.



    Secret messenger between fatty tissue and the brain

    A hitherto secret messenger between fatty tissue and the brain helps maintain good energy in the body. Sensory neurons that innervate adipose tissue regulate fat by acting as a brake on the sympathetic nervous system. In contrast, sympathetic neurons are needed to activate fat burning and brown fat production.



    She can smell Parkinson’s disease

    A Scottish girl can smell Parkinson’s disease in an individual. She had noticed that her late husband had changed his body odor twelve years before he was diagnosed. The disease induces a chemical modification of sebum – the lipid film secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin, the production of which increases in those affected. Tests are being developed that take only three minutes compared to current clinical mass spectrometry approaches.



    Dietary sugar alters mice gut microbiome

    Dietary sugar alters the gut microbiome in mice, setting off a chain of events that leads to metabolic disease, prediabetes and weight gain. Sugar eliminates Th17 protective cells which are necessary to prevent metabolic diseases.



    Men’s brains ages faster than women’s

    Men’s brains are on average three years older than those of women of the same age. The mass of gray matter present in male brains decreases more rapidly with age than in women without any known reason.



    Experimental malaria vaccine

    Researchers have developed an experimental malaria vaccine using CRISPR to genetically modify mosquito-borne parasites. When they bite people, malaria is transmitted without making people sick.



    Changing kidneys blood type

    Researchers at the University of Cambridge have changed the blood type of three kidneys from deceased donors, to make them O universal. Passing the enzyme-infused blood through the kidney of the deceased patient removes the markers specific to groups A and B, eliminating compatibility and rejection issues.



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