Life Sciences April 2018

Gene editing

    A selection of several articles related to Life Sciences published during the months of March & April 2018 (72aH*)





  • Gene editing : a new technique is able to change a single-base of DNA in a cell…

    Thanks to the genetic CRISPR tool, a new technique called MhAX (micro-homology assisted excision) is able to change a single-base of DNA in a cell.

    The goal is to improve our understanding of disease mechanisms due to single-DNA mutations



    Grow plants to near normal size with only 75% of the water they usually require…

    By altering a single gene, scientists coaxed tobacco plants to grow to near normal size with only 75 percent of the water they usually require.

    They tweaked a gene that codes for a protein crucial to photosynthesis. The next challenge is to see if it works with major crops



    Telomerase can ensure precise synthesis of telomeric DNA repeats…

    Telomerase has a built-in braking system to ensure precise synthesis of telomeric DNA repeats. By targeting the pause signal, telomerase function can stave off telomere length reduction, with the potential to rejuvenate aging human stem cells. This requires precision, walking a narrow line between cell rejuvenation and risk for cancer development



    Interstitium could be a new organ..

    Interstitium, which could be a new organ, is the set of interstitial tissues between the organs, and is at the origin of the lymph. It is filled with pre-lymphatic fluids in cavities and could represent up to ten liters in an adult



    A group of bees in a colony can be considered as a super-organism…

    They display behavior remarkably similar to the human brain. Psychophysical laws can apply to a colony as a whole. A wide range of organisms at various levels of complexity obey these laws



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    (72aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
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