Life Sciences August 2023

Life Sciences for July & August (78aH*) :
   – Significant differences appear in the epigenetic code of circulating DNA,
   – Creating animals capable of reproducing by parthenogenesis,
   – Waking up the genome of a newly fertilized egg,
   – Brain signals linked to chronic pain and those associated with acute pain,
   – Edit the genome of human cells,
   – A complex network of cell into human body

Life Sciences April 2023

Life Sciences for January & February (77aH*) :
   – RNA viruses can transform their RNA into DNA,
   – A first antibody treatment was able to clean the brain,
   – Telomeres code for signal proteins that provides important biological functions,
   – When plants are stressed or sensing danger,
   – When plants are stressed or sensing danger,
   – Telomere’s orchestration of a cell