New Technologies December 2021


New Technologies for November & December (76aH*) :
   – Xenobots cells can replicate themselves,
   – New software greatly improves the time required to assemble human genomes,
   – A new technique uses compressed light to create detailed images at the nanometer scale,
   – A new elastomer self-repairs in seconds even under harsh conditions

New Technologies April 2021

lab-grown meat

New Technologies for March & April (75aH*) :
   – First 3D printed lab-grown rib-eye steak,
   – Intelligent material able to change physically,
   – Digital Earth to map climate change and extreme events,
   – A lunar ark as a storage shelter,
   – Electrodes attached around a plant detect its weak signals

New Technologies October 2020

New Technologies for July & August (74aH*):
   – >Specific data obtained by X-ray or MRI gives an avatar of an individual,
   – First human heart organoid created,
   – Influencing the brain by electrical stimulation of the scalp,
   – Nursing diabetic mice with electromagnetic fields,
   – Gene editing enzymes transported to target cells