Social sciences October 2023

    Articles on benefit of loneliness and an advanced virtual world





  • Loneliness can be very beneficial in many ways

    Loneliness can be a state of mind that consists of taking time for oneself while ignoring others in common or public spaces. Being alone can be very beneficial in many ways. Small moments of solitude may seem trivial, but it can lead to reduced stress levels, improved sleep quality, and overall physical restoration.



    Are we just characters in an advanced virtual world ?

    The “second law of infodynamics” was formulated based on the idea that information is a physical quantity that can be measured and analyzed. This law raises implications both scientifically and philosophically, thus opening a dialogue between perceived reality and the potentially simulated characteristics of our universe. It could indeed support the highly controversial theory that we are just characters in an advanced virtual world.



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    (78aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
    Thus, since August 6, 2023, we are in 78 aH, (meanning 78 after Hiroshima).
    It is also an “atheist” and universal calendar to replace the existing “monotheist”, religious and non universal calendars.