Social sciences October 2022

    Articles on physical activities, walking, benefits and issues of a good sleep…





  • Physical activity for a better life

    Higher levels of light physical activity and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity are associated with a lower risk of death in women aged 63 and over. More sedentary time is associated with higher mortality risk, these associations being consistent with levels of genetic predisposition to longevity.



    Benefits and issues about sleeping

    A recent study suggests that the human mind undergoes neurophysiological upheavals when the brain does not follow biological sleepiness, particularly after midnight. In addition, advanced insomnia causes nocturnal anxieties, leading to thoughtless actions as well as mental instability.



    Consequences of an intense cognitive work

    When intense cognitive work continues for several hours, potentially toxic products, such as glutamate, accumulate in the part of the brain called the lateral prefrontal cortex. This triggers a regulatory mechanism that makes us turn to a more rewarding activity.



    Benefits of a walk

    A one-hour walk in the forest reduces the activity of a brain region that processes stress, compared to a walk of the same duration in a busy urban environment. City dwellers living near green spaces or wooded areas have physiologically healthier amygdala structures and also less likely to experience loneliness.



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