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vibrators are sex toys and therapeutic devices

    Articles on vibrators as therapeutic device, scientist more credible than a guru





  • Vibrators are not just sex toys, but therapeutic devices

    The use of vibrator improves the health of the pelvic floor, reduce vulvar pain and leads to improvements in overall sexual health. Regular vibrator use leads also to improvements in incontinence along with pelvic floor muscle strength. Vibrators can and should be considered not just sex toys, but therapeutic devices.



    Scientist more credible than a spiritual guru

    People generally find statements more credible if they come from a scientist when compared to a spiritual guru, with 76 percent of participants rating the ‘scientist’s’ balderdash at or above the midpoint of the credibility scale, compared with 55 percent for the ‘guru’. Individuals who scored high for religiosity still showed a preference for the statement from the scientist compared to the spiritual guru.



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    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
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