Social sciences February 2020

Pressure to publish scientific articles

    A selection of several articles related to
    Social Sciences
    published in January & February (74aH*)





  • Pressure to publish scientific articles

    The pressure to publish scientific articles is so strong that there are more and more retractions. Latest, that of a 2018 Nobel laureate in chemistry.



    Nine dimensions of gender-brain variation

    The usual assumption of two categories between sex and gender is contradicted by a study of brain-gender groups from brain imagery and psychological assessment. Algorithms of learning by form show that there are at least nine dimensions of gender-brain variation.



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    (74aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
    Thus, since August 6, 2019, we are in 74 aH, (meanning 74 after Hiroshima).
    It is also an “atheist” and universal calendar to replace the existing “monotheist”, religious and non universal calendars.