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    Article on Hoʻoleilana, a billion-light-year-wide bubble of galaxies





  • A billion-light-year-wide bubble of galaxies and a cell ?

    According to the standard model of cosmology, the first hot spots born a fraction of a second after the big bang should have been randomly dispersed in space. But, to their great surprise, cosmologists have just discovered a super cluster of bubble-shaped galaxies with a diameter of a billion light years, called Hoʻoleilana, “sent whispers of awakening” in Hawaiian. It contains at its center the Bootes Superclusters, two sets of about a dozen galaxy clusters, while the edges of the bubble include other monumental cosmic structures, such as the Sloan Great Wall, the CfA2 Great Wall and the Hercules Supercluster.

    Comment by Michel Devaux, raelian guide and engineer graduated from INPG (National Polytechnic Institute, Grenoble, France):

    “Totally in line with the different levels in Infinite explained in the raelian Messages and with the thesis of YunPyo (www.fractalcosmology.com):
    The “visible” universe (13.7 billion-light-year diameter) could be a cell, the 1 billion-light-year bubble of galaxies (Ho’oleilana) could be the nucleus of this cell.
    Galaxies should be the atoms of the gigantic being living in the infinitely large : ” the stars and planets are the atoms of a gigantic being” (Intelligent Design P 154 ).



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