Physical Sciences October 2023

    Articles on sound & travel in the vacuum, quantum computer, nuclear structure





  • Sound can travel in the vacuum

    A clever mechanism allows sound to “tunnel” through the void between two crystals, bypassing the apparent limitation of absolute vacuum. Sound from one object to another can travel in an absolute vacuum through a series of energy conversions.



    A quantum computer to study chemical reactions

    Using a quantum computer, researchers were able to slow down a chemical reaction 100 billion times to study it in detail. This discovery could have implications for our understanding of phenomena as varied as photosynthesis and the degradation of the ozone layer.



    We need for a deeper understanding of nuclear structure

    Oxygen-28, with its 8 protons and 20 neutrons, should theoretically have great stability. Against all expectations, this isotope decays in a very short time, thus defying predictions based on the theory of magic numbers. This highlights the need for a deeper understanding of nuclear structure and the forces that determine isotope stability.



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