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NASA nanosatellite sent to the Moon

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  • NASA nanosatellite sent to the Moon

    NASA will send a nanosatellite to the Moon at the end of May 2022. Its position will be measured relative to the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) in orbit around the Moon since 2009. A new navigation system will allow the location of a spacecraft to be determined without using an earth system.



    W boson mass outside of standard model

    Four hundred scientists spent a decade examining 4.2 million W bosons collected from 26 years of data at the Tevatron collider, enabling them to calculate the mass of a W boson to within 0.01%, which is a record. This measurement is well outside that provided by the standard model.



    An image of the Northern Clump

    Scientists created an image of the Northern Clump with a galaxy and a black hole at its center, traveling at high speed along an intergalactic road of matter. The Northern Clump is moving along this road at high speed toward two other, much larger galaxy clusters called Abell 3391 and Abell 3395.



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