Physical Sciences June 2020

electromagnetic force

    Article(s) on electromagnetic force, explosion of a nova, superconduction, earthquakes.





  • Electromagnetic force crucial role in tying electrons

    The electromagnetic force has a crucial role in tying electrons to nuclei inside atoms and provide us with visible light. Using data from the VLT (Very Large Telescope), electromagnetism seems to gradually increase the further we look, while toward the opposite direction, it gradually decreases. The standard model of cosmology is built upon Einstein’s’ theory of gravity which assumes constancy of the laws of nature. But the Universe may not be isotropic.



    The explosion of a nova

    The explosion of a nova, a white dwarf that absorbs the gases of a neighboring red giant, increases its luminosity between 10,000 and 1 million times. This phenomenon generates a huge amount of energy in optical and gamma rays. Their origin is more in shock waves internal to the star than in nuclear combustion.



    Superconduction due Cooper pairs electrons

    Superconduction is due to pairs of electrons called Cooper pairs. Light pulses on the order of several terahertz are re-emitted by accelerated Cooper pairs to twice their initial frequency. This is analogous to the color change from the red spectrum to deep blue.



    Gigantic structures of earthquakes extending over a thousand km or more

    By analyzing more than 7,000 earthquake measurements of magnitude at least 6.5, researchers discovered that the reflected waves revealed gigantic structures 3000 km deep. These structures extending over a thousand km or more are located at the boundary between the core and the mantle of the Earth.



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