Physical Sciences April 2023

    Articles on galaxies, core of the Earth, superconductive material





  • Six massive and very ancient galaxies detected

    Astronomers have detected six massive and very ancient galaxies, which appear to date back to roughly 600 million years after the Big Bang. These galaxies are far bigger than was believed to be possible for galaxies so soon after the dawn of the universe.



    The structure of the inner core of the Earth

    The inner core of the Earth is a solid sphere about 1220 km in radius, composed mainly of an alloy of iron and nickel. By analyzing the variation in travel times of seismic waves, two researchers have identified a deeper inner core of about 650km in radius, with a different crystallized structure.



    A new superconductive material has been created

    A new material has been created exhibiting superconductivity at a temperature of 294 K (20.8°C) and 10 kilobars (or 10,000 atmospheres) of pressure. This nitrogen-doped lutetium hydride is the first superconductor at room temperature



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