Physical Sciences August 2019

beam of light

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  • A beam of light can be twisted

    A beam of light can be twisted, a property called kinetic moment. Two beams with high but slightly different kinetic moments become vortex beams, in the form of a helix surrounding a common center and look like a donut on a flat surface. This new property, called self-coupling, could be used like the frequency modulation of radio waves.



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    (74aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
    This date represents the entrance of Humanity into the age of Revelation (Apocalypsis).
    Thus, since August 6, 2019, we are in 74 aH, (meanning 74 after Hiroshima).
    It is also an “atheist” and universal calendar to replace the existing “monotheist”, religious and non universal calendars.