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  • An artificial sun powered by a nuclear fusion in China

    An artificial sun powered by a nuclear fusion reactor has been turned on in China. It replicates natural reactions in the Sun with hydrogen and deuterium gases, reaching temperatures of 150 millions degrees, ten times hotter than the core of the Sun. Nuclear fusion could tap into almost limitless clean energy.



    Make meat from human cells

    A new technique makes it possible to make meat from human cells. Consumers can be given a kit to grow cells taken from their own cheek and fed with expired human serum. They should be kept warm for three months.



    Singapore approved lab-grown chicken meat as an ingredient in chicken nuggets

    Singapore approved lab-grown chicken meat from US start-up Eat Just as an ingredient in chicken nuggets. About expensive cost concerns, a spokesman of Eat Just said “Right from the start, we will be at price parity for premium chicken at a high-end restaurant.”



    Teleport quantum information over 22 km : towards quantum Internet

    The collaboration of several institutions has made it possible to teleport qubits, quantum information, over 22 km between two test sites in a three-node network. The standard equipment used makes it possible to envisage a realistic basis for a High Fidelity quantum Internet.



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