New Technologies August 2022

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  • Storage and energy saving separation of hydrocarbon gases

    An unprecedented gas separation and storage technique makes it possible to store hydrogen in powder form. Boron nitride powder is placed in a grinder and through a mechanochemical reaction it gradually absorbs the gas. The transport of hydrogen, which remains complicated to handle today, is thus facilitated



    Selectivity in single-molecule reactions

    A new method controls the selectivity of chemical reactions using voltage pulses produced by the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope. An initial molecule has been transformed into three distinct products. The potential for interaction with a different set of molecules makes this polymorphic system a Swiss army knife with three distinct and useful chemical tools.



    High-Power Superconducting Motor Prototype

    Toshiba has developed a prototype superconducting motor that uses windings made of high-temperature superconducting materials. This motor has a maximum power of 2 MW, thanks to a very high power density and the ability to rotate at very high speeds. It is more than 10 times more compact than a conventional electric motor of equal power.



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