New Technologies April 2023

    Articles on miniature robot, new device using neutrons, electrical stimulation and paralysis





  • A miniature robotic arm into the body

    A miniature robotic arm that can be inserted into the body, like a remotely controlled endoscope, has a multi-directional printing nozzle at its end to print biomaterials directly on the surface of organs and tissues.



    A new device using neutrons

    A new device using neutrons has an incredibly rapid shutter speed of about 1 picosecond (10-12 second), so high that it allows us to see the “dynamic disorder” of atoms-ie collective cluster fluctuations of atoms within materials, which are triggered by external phenomena such as a vibration or a temperature change.



    Electrical stimulation to regain function in ones arms

    Electrical stimulation of spinal cord neurons in two people with upper body paralysis from a stroke helped them partially regain function in their arms. Some of this recovery persisted even when stimulation was removed.



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