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  • First 3D printed lab-grown rib-eye steak

    Aleph Farms produces beef sirloin steaks using a 3D printer. Animal cells proliferate, differentiate with muscle and fat and provide the texture and quality of a real steak.



    Intelligent material able to change physically

    Scientists have created an intelligent material, interconnected cobalt atoms on black phosphorus, which acts like a brain, changing physically as it learns. This is an important step towards a new generation of computers that could dramatically increase computing power while using less power.



    Digital Earth to map climate change and extreme events

    A digital model of the Earth will be created to map climate change and extreme events. The model will represent the influence of humans on the management of water, food and energy and the processes of the earth system.



    A lunar ark as a storage shelter

    A lunar ark would be a storage shelter filled with cryogenically frozen reproductive cells from 6.7 million species on our planet. The plan is to use lava tubes, install elevators and cryo preservation modules below the lunar surface. It would take 250 rocket launches to carry 50 specimens each of the species.



    Electrodes attached around a plant detect its weak signals

    Electrodes with the soft texture of a plastic film, attached around a plant, detect weak signals emitted by plants. One could thus be alerted when a disease spreads before clear symptoms appear.



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