New Technologies June 2019

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    A selection of several articles on New Technologies published in May & June 2019 (73aH*)





  • 3D printing method recreates a cavity that breathes like a real lung

    A new method, stereo-lithography 3D printing, recreates a lung cavity that breathes like a real lung. This method produces the blood capillaries fast enough to feed the cells with nutrients.



    Stem cell regenerate myelin sheaths

    A type of skin-related stem cell has been used in mice to help regenerate myelin sheaths, vital to neurodegenerative disorders. Human melanocyte stem cells could be isolated and used therapeutically to enhance functional recovery from neuronal injury.



    New glue to repair damaged organ or artery

    A new light activated glue can be applied directly to a damaged organ or artery. Exposed to UV rays the molecules inside the glue quickly assemble into a tight net that clings around the wound. Haemorrhage stopped in less than 30 seconds.



    Lasers produce high speed optical pulses

    Lasers using Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) produce attosecond (10-18). optical pulses. This capability could help neutralize nuclear waste in some years. Lifespan of nuclear waste could be cut from 1 million years to 30 minutes.



    Moores’ Law will be replaced by Neven’s Law

    Moores’ Law in regular computers (doubling the number of transistors on a chip every two years, dating back from 1975) will be replaced by Neven’s Law in quantum processors that improve computational capacity with gains at a doubled rate exponential.



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    (73aH*) : August 6th is the anniversary of the atomic bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945.
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