May 1st, Paradism Day Celebration


    Paradism, for a society without work or money towards a true paradise









    • LAS VEGAS, April 29 – On May 1st.
      The Paradism Movement around the world will celebrate the 7th annual International day of Paradism. “Paradism is the system of society without work and without money that allows the establishment of a true paradise,” declared Jarel, international leader of the Paradism Movement inspired by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement.

      “There is no reason to fall into poverty considering the level of technology we have now,” said RAEL, the inspirational figure behind Paradism. “If robots do all the work and if we share the abundance they produce, we can free humanity from the slavery of work and money.”

      “The technology that will free us from bondage through work and money is ready,” added Jarel. “Our machines have learned to walk, talk and are just beginning to understand. They are ready to replace humans in all the activities that are necessary for our survival and fulfillment. Therefore no one should have to work or put themselves at the service of others to ensure their survival.”

      The machines will be programmed to be our docile and dedicated servants and do the work necessary for the proper functioning of the whole society. They will repair all the damages done to our planet and positively contribute to the ecology and happiness of human beings.

      When all the work will be given to robots, there will be no need for money. Everyone will be given all the comfort, health care and leisure they need for free.

      This world of pleasure and abundance is possible today thanks to science

      But this paradise, this world of pleasure and abundance that is possible today thanks to science, will only be accessible to us through sharing.

      Today, those who own the means of production, the richest, seize the gains of productivity. The others see their purchasing power decrease as they lose their jobs. A labor-based wealth distribution system cannot sustain in a society that is becoming increasingly automated because it only accentuates inequalities. It is redistribution and a sharing of wealth such as the one advocated by Paradism that can and will help put an end to the revolutions and wars, and restore peace and social justice.

      The message that will be spread by Paradism advocates during the activities that are slated to take place on May 1st is a great message of hope for humanity.

      Paradism is coming and will transition a very unequal, divided and competing world into a world where all the parts of humanity interconnected collaborate to form a planetary civilization and live an era of peace, fulfillment and pleasures. We have the technology that can help free us from forced labor, hunger and misery. We just need a little more love between each other and an unconditional desire to share. That is the condition to enter paradise.

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