Life Sciences October 2023

    Articles on stem cells, intestine molecule, reconstructing neuronal wiring





  • An innovative technique to improve stem cells’ quality

    An innovative technique to transform specialized cells into stem cells by erasing their cellular memory could improve the quality of stem cells used in regenerative medicine, making therapies safer and more effective.



    The crucial role of an intestine molecule

    A molecule called sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), located in the intestine, plays a crucial role in transmitting genetic information to eggs. This molecule plays a protective role against the fragility of axons, whose integrity could be influenced by environmental and dietary factors transmitted across generations via S1P. A mother’s diet can affect not only her offspring’s brains, but potentially subsequent generations.



    Reconstruct neuronal wiring inside a mouse brain

    A new study aims to reconstruct, for the first time, all the neuronal wiring inside a mouse brain. This large-scale, transformative project aims to develop the tools needed to obtain brain-wide connectivity maps at unprecedented levels of detail and scale.



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