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Brain cells linked to Parkinson disease finally identified

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  • Brain cells linked to Parkinson’s disease finally identified

    Parkinson’s disease is linked to the progressive death of cells that produce dopamine in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra. There are 10 different subtypes of these cells of which only one is reduced in number in the disease whereas there are 100,000 in a healthy adult brain.



    Anti-inflammatories could increase chronic pain

    Treating some forms of acute pain with anti-inflammatories would increase the risk of it becoming chronic. Blocking immune cells called neutrophils in mice leads to pain responses that last 10 times longer than in rodents in the control group.



    Muropeptides can influence neurones controlling appetite

    Certain immune cells in the gut of mice have receptors called NOD2 that react to the presence of bacterial molecules called muropeptides. These NOD2 receptors are expressed by neurons in the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, an area responsible for metabolic functions such as appetite and body temperature control. Muropeptides can therefore directly influence neuronal activity in regions of the brain that control appetite.



    Our cells take their ease in the curves

    When a tissue bends, the volume of the cells that compose it increases instead of decreasing. This mechanism is at work during embryonic development and explains how, for example, the folds of our intestines or the alveoli of our lungs are formed.



    Immunotherapy eliminates rectal cancers

    Immunotherapy has made it possible to eliminate rectal cancers after six months of treatment in a dozen patients. No surgery, radiotherapy or additional chemotherapy was necessary. Immune cells have a “checkpoint” that prevents them from attacking healthy cells in the body. Cancer cells can trigger these checkpoints so they can continue to grow. Immunotherapy removes this barrier using monoclonal antibodies.



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