Life Sciences June 2020

reciprocal connections

    Article(s) on reciprocal connections into the brain, human heart, plants’ biological clock…





  • Claustrum has reciprocal connections with almost all areas of the brain

    A small layer of gray matter called claustrum has reciprocal connections with almost all areas of the brain. Made up of a specific population of cells, it controls the slow waves characteristic of sleep and rest states and could contribute to consciousness .



    Heart has its own control center

    The heart has its own control center, the intracardiac nervous system (ICN). It is a network of neurons distributed on a strip at the top of the heart but also down the length of the left atrium on the back of the heart.



    Plants have a biological clock

    Plants have a biological clock that prepares cellular mechanisms in relation to time. Two specific genes control the duration of daylight and determine the time of flowering. Ambient temperature plays also a role in the clock.



    Treat rats having multiple sclerosis

    By manipulating stem cells into brain cells and by selecting glial progenitor cells, these produce oligodendrocytes which produce myelin in nerves and neurons. Transplanted into rats affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) they help to reconstitute the myelin sheath and seem to restore the motor function of the rats.



    Mini livers created from human skin

    Mini livers have been created from human skin cells transformed into induced pluripotent cells. Transplanted into rats, miniature organs secreted bile acids and urea, rats’ blood contained human liver protein.



    No more blood transfusions thanks to CRISPR technology ?

    Two patients with beta thalassemia and one with sickle cell disease no longer require blood transfusions using CRISPR technology. Their bone marrow stem cells are replaced with modified cells and a gene for hemoglobin is turned off.



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