Life Sciences December 2020

    Articles on new organ, reverse cellular aging, environment and lifestyles impacts





  • A possible new organ in the middle of our head

    A possible new organ has been observed in the middle of our head. It is a pair of salivary glands hidden behind the nasopharynx, mainly mucous membranes with multiple drainage ducts.



    Reverse cellular aging ?

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy appears to affect telomeres length up to 20%. Longer telomeres correlates with better cellular performance and a longer lifespan. But engaging in regular exercise and eating well are sound bets if you want your chromosomes to remain as long as possible.



    Our environment and lifestyles dramatically affect our microbiome

    Children whose gravel school grounds were replaced with forest ground saw their immune systems improve in just a month. The microbiome in the Amazon hunter-gatherer is richer than that of urban dwellers in the United States, which could explain certain autoimmune disorders such as asthma and allergies. Our environment and lifestyles dramatically affect our microbiome.



    A drug can reverse age-related decline

    Just a few doses of an experimental drug called ISRIB can reverse age-related decline in memory and mental flexibility in mice. The Integrated Stress Response, IRS, blocks protein production in cells during viral infection or genetic mutation but can become chronic. With ISRIB brain functions can be restored overnight and improve a wide range of neurological conditions.



    An electromagnetic theory for consciousness

    When neurons activate, they send an electrical signal to nerve fibers and an electromagnetic pulse to surrounding tissue. Consciousness would be the experience of nerves connecting to the self-generated electromagnetic field to lead to free will and our voluntary actions.



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