Life Sciences August 2022

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  • Cloning two seemingly healthy baby beagle puppies

    Korean company ToolGen has for the first time combined CRISPR-Cas9 technology and cloning to produce two seemingly healthy baby beagle puppies. The technology could also contribute to the safeguarding and conservation of biodiversity, by applying it to species threatened with extinction.



    First electric nanomotors made from DNA

    Researchers have developed the world’s first electric nanomotors made from DNA. Specific strands added to a solution result in self-assembled structures that can be activated by an electrical charge that drives a rotor arm.



    Transform cells into totipotent stem cells

    A new cocktail of drugs makes it possible to transform the cells which are exposed to it into totipotent stem cells, at the level of the transcriptome, the epigenome and the metabolome, They can differentiate into any cell in the body, which makes it possible to circumvent the need for sperm and eggs to develop an organism.



    New “synthetic embryos”

    Scientists grew “synthetic embryos” from mice cells without using sperm, eggs, or a womb. they were 95 percent similar to normal mouse embryos and had grown a placenta and the beginnings of a spine and brain, a digestive tract, a beating heart. However, these are not “real” embryos able to grow to term when they were put in a mouse uterus.



    Black bear serum to cure human muscles

    Exposure of human muscle cells to the serum produced by black bears during hibernation would not only prevent the atrophy of these tissues but would also promote an increase in their mass. A particular factor blocks the destruction mechanism at the origin of muscle degradation, which normally occurs when these are not used for a prolonged period.



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