Life Sciences April 2023

    Articles RNA viruses, antibodies, Telomeres, plants can stress and feel danger, Télomère





  • RNA viruses can transform their RNA into DNA

    RNA viruses are present endogenously in our DNA but they can transform their RNA into DNA. The epigenetic system protects us from them, but the drop in methylation in aging cells activates these viruses and accelerates aging.



    A first antibody treatment was able to clean the brain

    A first antibody treatment was able to clean the brain of toxic aggregates formed by amyloid plaques and show a significant slowing of cognitive decline. It will soon be on sale in the United States and can be administered to patients with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease.



    Telomeres code for signal proteins that provides important biological functions

    Telomeres code for signal proteins that trigger reactions involving other proteins that provide important biological functions. The quantity of these proteins, called VR and GL, would increase with age, which would make it a biomarker of aging to assess the biological age of an individual..



    When plants are stressed or sensing danger

    When stressed or sensing danger, plants can emit warning signals to bolster their defense and that of their neighbors. Clicking noises resembling those of bursting bubbles are emitted 30 to 50 times per hour, at random intervals..



    Treatments resulted in the birth of a fetus with Pompe disease

    Enzyme replacement treatments directly in the womb have resulted in the full-term birth of a fetus with Pompe disease, a rare disease from which children die before the age of two. The little patient, who is now sixteen months old, has normal cardiac and motor functions”.



    Telomere’s orchestration of a cell

    After the nuclear envelope of a cell breaks down to release chromosomes during mitosis, telomeres orchestrate the reassembly of this same nuclear envelope. Telomere disorganization in the nucleus compromises cellular maintenance, accelerating biological aspects of aging.



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