Physical Sciences February 2019

Alien Civilizations galaxies clusters

Physical Sciences for January & February 2019 (73aH*):
   – A third of galaxies clusters unobserved,
   – Earth’s exposed continental crust comprises TTG,
   – A ring-shaped device changes symetry and polarization of light,
   – About geocorona, a part of Earth’s exosphere,
   – Hidden galaxies in a tiny corner of the sky

New Technologies December 2018

new bionic leaf

New Technologies for November & December (73aH*) :
   – A bionic leaf splits water into its components
   – Understand the mechanisms of action of a virus
   – Any type of tissue can be engineered and transplanted without rejection
   – Genetically modified twin girls born in China
   – What is “implosion fabrication” ?
   – New metamaterial made of nanotiges modifies the color it returns
   – Immune cells are unlike others ….

Life Sciences October 2018

fasting vascular aging

Life Sciences for September & October 2018 (73aH*):
   – A small molecule can delay vascular aging,
   – A simulator feeding information directly into a person’s brain,
   – The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is controlled by the brain,
   – Gene editing to prevent a lethal metabolic disorder in animals,
   – Cortical inhibitory neurons inhibit other neurons…