New Technologies August 2019

hair growth control

New Technologies for July & August (74aH*):
   – Cells inside a hair follicle control hair growth,
   – Microsoft’s HoloLens device,
   – Cultivated meats could arrive in restaurants within 2 years,
   – A new blood test could help predict risks of death within five to ten years,
   – A 3D printer regrowth mice’s own skin into a wound,
   – Create an artificial memory in the brain of an animal

New Technologies June 2019

recreate real lung

New Technologies for May & June 2019 (73aH*):
   – 3D printing method recreates a cavity that breathes like a real lung,
   – Stem cell regenerate myelin sheaths,
   – New glue to repair damaged organ or artery,
   – Lasers produce high speed optical pulses,
   – Moores’ Law will be replaced by Neven’s Law

New Technologies April 2019

single gene insertion - Adeno-associated viruses

New Technologies for March & April 2019 (73aH*):
   – Adeno-associated viruses make ganglion blind ,
   – A wired prosthetic hand allows fingers’ move,
   – Nanoparticles act like night vision devices,
   – A fully viable genome created by computer,
   – Artificial cells wrapped in membranes,
   – New “quantum material” that detects neurotransmitters’ activity

New Technologies February 2019

New Technologies for January & February 2019 (73aH*):
   – New method of 3D printing,
   – 3D human organoids grown in petri dish,
   – A Laser scanner generates a 3D model of a small object,
   – How to turn a molecule into a mirror image of itself,
   – Wirelessly guiding a rat through a labyrinth,
   – Creating artificial dynamic cells

New Technologies December 2018

new bionic leaf

New Technologies for November & December (73aH*) :
   – A bionic leaf splits water into its components
   – Understand the mechanisms of action of a virus
   – Any type of tissue can be engineered and transplanted without rejection
   – Genetically modified twin girls born in China
   – What is “implosion fabrication” ?
   – New metamaterial made of nanotiges modifies the color it returns
   – Immune cells are unlike others ….