Life Sciences October 2019

Life Sciences for September & October (74aH*):
   – Osteocalcin, plays a key role in the stress response,
   – Regions of the brain associated with lefthandedness,
   – The speed of walking reveals the health of the brain,
   – Benefits of physical and mental activity while getting older,
   – Breathing can affect the cleansing of the brain

Life Sciences August 2019

life sciences 08-19

Life Sciences for July & August (74aH*):
   – Insects, like humans, experience chronic pain,
   – The rapid increase in allergies worldwide is due to the environment,
   – A new type of cells discovered in the brain of rodents,
   – Discover within subcutaneous glial cells in mice,
   – A newly discovered microbe from deep sea

Life Sciences October 2018

fasting vascular aging

Life Sciences for September & October 2018 (73aH*):
   – A small molecule can delay vascular aging,
   – A simulator feeding information directly into a person’s brain,
   – The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is controlled by the brain,
   – Gene editing to prevent a lethal metabolic disorder in animals,
   – Cortical inhibitory neurons inhibit other neurons…

Life Sciences August 2018

Senolytic drugs

Life Sciences for July & August 2018 (73aH*):
   – A single neuron can encode information from two different sounds,
   – Senolytic drugs selectively eliminate senescent cells,
   – Giant neurons found in the nucleus gigantocellularis,
   – A profusion of microorganisms has been identified in the ocean,
   – The epithelial cells in skin and internal organs,
   – The transport system inside our cells uses motor proteins…

Life Sciences June 2018


Life Sciences for May & June 2018 (72aH*):
   – Fasting helps intestine,
   – Human immune cells convertion,
   – Holographic projection effect on neurons,
   – Neoblasts cells help a worm to regenerate when wounded,
   – Regulating the number of connections between neurons…