New Technologies June 2020

camera for blind people

    Article(s) on camera for blind people, healing with electric fields and an implant decoding brain signals





  • A camera connected to the brain of blind people to let them see outlines of shapes

    A camera connected to electrodes implanted in the brain sends visual signals with which the blind can see outlines of shapes, especially letters they can identify. Only a small part of the neurons in the visual cortex are connected to the electrodes. The next step is to develop a device with several thousand electrodes.



    Electric fields and healing

    Manipulation of electric fields can collect groups of thousands of cells in the body during healing. This technique opens possibilities of wound healing, repair of blood vessels or nerve cells.



    An implant decoding brain signals allows to detect touch.

    A man with a serious spinal cord injury had his right arm movements activated in 2014 with an implant and a processor that decodes brain signals. The amplification of a weak sensory signal now allows him to detect objects by the simple touch.



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