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  • Create entirely artificial human genome thanks to A.I.

    Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to create entirely artificial human genome sequences, indistinguishable from DNA from real donors. Generative neural networks generated sequences from 2,500 people spanning millions of base pairs but don’t belong to any real donor.



    Children with immune disorders lived healthy lives thanks to gene therapy

    Many children born with a life-threatening immune disorder, severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) from adenosine deaminase deficiency (ADA) have lived healthy lives for more than ten years. This is thanks to effective gene therapy with long-lasting effects and free from severe adverse effects, with promises for the treatment of many other deadly immune disorders.



    9,000 left tree species to discover

    A study of 90 countries estimated the number of tree species in the world at 73,000. Today we know of 64,100 of them. There are therefore about 9,000 left to discover, of which nearly 40% are in South America.



    Reprogrammed fat tissue cells into 3D spinal cord tissue are implanted into paralytic model

    Researchers reprogrammed fat tissue cells into 3D spinal cord tissue and implanted them into a lab model with long-term chronic paralysis. A very high rate of success has been achieved in restoring walking ability.



    A microbe can transfer its genes to another

    By forming a ‘temporary union’ with another bacterium in our gut, a microbe can transfer its genes to another – it doesn’t even have to be the same species – and get ability to synthesize some crucial compounds. It’s probably part of what keeps our microbiome fit and healthy.



    A new single nanoparticle can reach the vascular cells to repair them

    A new single nanoparticle can reach the vascular endothelial cells. It becomes possible to introduce genes to inhibit vascular damage and/or promote vascular repair, correct genetic mutations, and switch genes on or off to restore normal function.



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