Life Sciences October 2021

protein synthesis

Life Sciences for September & October (76aH*) :
   – Protein synthesis in cell is modulated by regulatory factors,
   – The first tomato modified by CRISPR approved for sale,
   – Patients with brain damage could move their fingers,
   – Evident link between pollution and premature birth,
   – The human brain contains more than 160 billion cells,
   – Highly processed foods’ diet causes severe inflammation & memory loss

Life Sciences August 2021


Life Sciences for July & August (76aH*) :
   – Exercise improves health through changes to DNA,
   – Metabolites of intestinal bacteria can change the metabolism of our cells,
   – A lab-grown foie gras matching its delicate flavor and creamy texture,
   – A near-complete mouse embryo model has been created from stem cells,
   – Transplanting gut microbes rejuvenate aspects of brain and immune function,
   – Unknown brain cell appears to help center oneself in their own world’s map