Raelian Viewpoints April 2020

Meditation slows biological aging

Raelian Viewpoints for March & April (74aH*):
   – Meditative practice may be associated with slowed biological aging,
   – A chunk of ancient seafloor discovered in Australia,
   – Meditation is linked to longevity and longer telomere length,,
   – Intermittent fasting increases the rate of hippocampal neurogenesis

New Technologies April 2020

hospital with only robots

New Technologies for March & April (74aH*):
   – A new Chinese hospital with only robots,
   – A Hybrid neural network with both biological and artificial neurons is communicating over the internet,
   – A compound found in fruits and herbs can reduce damage to neurons in Multiple Sclerosis,
   – 5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog

Life Sciences April 2020

life sciences 04-20 salmon parasite

Life Sciences for March & April (74aH*):
   – A salmon parasite does not need oxygen for life ,
   – A squid able to modify its own genetic code,
   – Transmission of generational characteristics stored in DNA regulatory molecules ?,
   – Spatial arrangement affects the various chemical reactions in cells